Exploration of the abandoned sanatorium of Mount Parnitha

  • 29 Oct 2015
  • photography, sanatorium, abandoned

My passion for exploring abandoned buildings led me to mount Parnitha, just outside the center of Athens. There you can find the sanatorium of Parnitha, which was built in 1912 for the purpose of treatment of people suffering from tuberculosis.

In late 1960 it happened the closure of the sanatorium and its conversion into a hotel and, after that, into a School of Tourism Business until 1980, when it was abandoned at the time and the physical elements.

Today the imposing appearance has created lots of urban legends, from demons and ghosts to black magic rituals that occur inside it, which of course does not apply in any case. But this does not make the building itself or the story that carries less frightening for visitors. The interior, with its dilapidated rooms, broken windows, abandoned furniture and artistic interventions by graffiti artists,makes it ideal for photography which emit a sense of melancholy and neglect.

As frightening as it may seem, along with the stories that follow it, if you visit it on a sunday morning you will find families, groups, photographers and kids playing around it and give life in this eerie place. If you want to visit it in the night … I have no opinion, I do not dare!

Just opposite the building you will find the Park of Souls, a place where we find scattered statues of human figures, a little gruesome I dare say!

The sanatorium of Parnitha is on the same road that leads to the Regency Casino Mont Parnes.