The Sanatorium of Daou Penteli

  • 05 Nov 2017
  • photography, sanatorium, abandoned

The Daou Penteli sanatorium is located on Mount Penteli, above the modern Health Center of Rafina.

Apart from its importance as a building-monument since tuberculosis plagued the human population, its historical value grows even more, from it’s important role during the German Occupation. All hospital staff and hospitalized patients appear to have participated in the National Resistance, and meetings of the Liberation Army’s administration took place in the area.

It’s recently announced the intention to renovate a section (300 sqm) of the building complex in order to establish a museum of local history in Rafina, which will include a museum for the action of the old sanatorium.

During your exploration there, you must be very careful of the broken glasses, the rusty iron elements, and the many holes you can find all over the floor - there are two different staircases that can lead you to the underground floor in a safer way! Explore all the floors of the building as you will discover many rooms with abandoned staff like chairs, calendars and childish toys, especially at the upper floor.

The road you have to follow is at the entrance of the Health Center parking lot…enjoy!