The shipwreck 'Dimitrios'

  • 04 Dec 2015
  • photography, shipwrecks, abandoned

The imposing wreck “Dimitrios” is located in Lakonia, 5 km. away from Gytheio.

Its adventure begins in 1980 when it incidentially sailed to the port of Githio due to illness of the master. Then, economic problems led to damage of machines, dismissal of the crew and ultimate abandonment of the ship. A year later, due to weather conditions, the ship carried away and ended up in its current location, Valtaki at the Laconic Gulf.

The location is as if built to perfectly frame your photos: sand, rocks, sea, everything will consult to express, with your own unique way, the mystery of the sinking.

Although it is among the most photographed landscapes in Greece, your point of view will definitely give a different look and expression of the ship!

After your photographic excursion you can enjoy the endless beach and the hot sun!