The shipwrecks of S.E.F. in Athens

  • 20 Nov 2015
  • photography, shipwrecks, abandoned

In Neo Faliro, just outside the Peace and Friendship Stadium, are the outfall of the river Kifissos.

There we can have a nice view of the other end of Athens, such as Flisvos Marina with its luxury yachts and the city’s seafront promenade.

The half-sunken Poseidon lies recumbent in the bay for almost 10 years, at the mercy of the weather. A little further out is still another abandoned boat. The cause of the wreck are unknown but their rusty appearance and the mistery covering them, it’s sure that attracts every photographer’s interest!

The obsolescence of course are evident around the surrounding area which has become a wasteland.

If you are lucky enough you will have a background of a beautiful sunset!

The approach to the bay is from the outdoor parking areas of the SEF.

The photographic interest however is in the wrecked fishing boats located in the marina of S.E.F.