Villa Levidis

  • 28 Jul 2018
  • photography, abandoned

Villa Levidis is situated in Pallini, on a green hill very close to the center of the town. The building is easily accesible as there is no either fence or closed doors.

The 80 acres of the villa were built in 1935. The architect, Konstantinos Sakellarios, cared for the construction of the luxurious residence of Levidis. Dimitris Levidis was a courtyard at the royal estates of Tatoi and with a “concession” of the king, he was allowed to settle in the land together with his family.

In 1964, Levidis dies and his wife, Toula Botsi, can not maintain the expensive house. So he starts to rent the villa to production companies as a shooting studio. After she died in 1990, her son sold it to a great businessman in the area and left Greece.